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Road Dog Tactical is a dedicated group of military veterans and retired/active duty law enforcement officers.  Our main objective is to combine decades of real world military and law enforcement experience to create training tools beneficial to our brothers and sisters out in the field.  We also support our fellow patriots, who stand at the ready in defense of the U.S. Constitution, and hold traditional American values to heart.

Our patented brass catchers (U.S. Patent Number 10,107,578) are available for MIL-SPEC AR-style platforms with top picatinny rails and right-side metal dust covers AND Modified AR-style platforms with integrated forward assists/brass deflectors, top picatinny rails, and right-side metal dust covers.   Our brass catchers are perfect accessories for flat top picatinny rail AR-style platforms that shoot .22 LR up to .308 Winchester and allow the operator to spend more quality time training, instead of wasting time picking up hundreds of spent casings after a long day's shoot.  Our patented brass catchers are perfect for reloaders, too.

Road Dog Tactical Patented Brass Catchers


Road Dog Tactical's brass catchers were designed by a USAF veteran/retired California Highway Patrolman, with over 30 years of M16/AR-15 handling experience.  We proudly CNC mill, assemble, sell and ship our brass catchers in the USA.  Our brass catchers offer the following features:  

  • Patented top picatinny rail keys, laser cut in North Carolina from 5052 aluminum alloy, and standard ring detent pin allow for quick brass catcher attach and detach in seconds.
  • Adjustable 3-position rail key mount provides access to top picatinny rail positions T4/T6, T6/T8 and T8/T10, securing the brass catcher to the rifle, while allowing adjustment clearances for scope mounts and optics.  Custom rail key mounts are also available upon request. 
  • Patented weir magnet mounting system attaches to standard right-side metal dust covers and firmly holds the brass catcher against the rifle.
  • Patented ergonomically designed ABS plastic cage is vented to dissipate heat and reduce total weight to approximately 12 ounces.  Holding capacity 90+ 5.56/.223 brass casings or 30+ 7.62/.308 brass casings.
  • Sliding brass release gate, cable tethered to the ring detent pin.

Limited Lifetime Warranty


Road Dog Tactical appreciates our clients, and we welcome constructive feedback to improve our products and services.  We currently offer a limited lifetime warranty on all brass catcher parts, due to normal operational wear and tear...or parts replacement if you share an awesome "war story" on how it was destroyed in a firefight repelling dirtbags, both foreign and domestic.  Whenever a Road Dog Tactical client needs a brass catcher replacement part, just shoot us an email, and we'll ship it right over.

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